Colorado has been my home for the past 30 years, the place I chose to raise my children, experience the wonders of our mountains, and to obsess—since 1994—over Colorado Rockies baseball.

My work has been devoted to U.S. national security for decades, researching the subject as a professor at the University of Denver.

After 9/11, I developed education programs to help America prepare for the dangers of terrorism for the United States Northern Command and the National Defense University. I also led a think tank and graduate program in the Middle East to study the roots of terrorism. And, I built a small business that provided disaster planning for communities across Colorado.

National security must be protected on many fronts – including attacks like 9/11, weather-related disasters due to climate change, and cyber-attacks by Russia on America’s elections, which is the most urgent threat.

Along my path toward becoming a professor, I did all sorts of work: factory and farm, construction and warehouse, driving a delivery truck and a forklift, and temp work in countless corporate offices.  One thing I learned from all those jobs is that every worker deserves a living wage, good health care, and affordable education.

I got my start in education teaching inner-city high school students in New York, Native American students in Alaska, and going on to teach—and learn from–students at Universities throughout the United States and around the world.

I believe that effective education is our best defense against the fears, lies, and divisions on which demagogues like Trump feed.

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