All of Donald Trump’s abuses of power have been enabled by the constant repetition of enormous falsehoods. As Hitler described the effectiveness of a tool that all demagogues use: the “broad masses… more readily fall victims to the big lie than the small lie, since they themselves often tell small lies in little matters but would be ashamed to resort to large-scale falsehoods.”


  • Our Constitution assigns responsibility for leading our common defense to the Commander-in-Chief. Trump instead joined the coverup of Russia’s 2016 (and ongoing) cyber-attacks on our democracy, never named the aggressor, never denounced the attacks, never threatened retaliation to make the attacks stop, and never took the steps needed to secure our next election. Far beyond merely obstructing the investigation—as documented at length in the Mueller Report—he has called the patriots who rose to our defense “traitors” who must be punished. Can one imagine higher presidential crimes than leaving our country vulnerable to attacks by a hostile foreign power, than denouncing the effort to document the details of the aggression, than turning his wrath not on the attacker but on those who rose to our common defense? Well, there are two other equally high crimes:


  • Trump has been caught red-handed strong-arming Ukraine’s President to discredit a possible 2020 opponent. In other words, he has been caught cheating to win reelection.


  • And he went even further. He pressured Ukraine’s President to lend credence to Putin’s biggest lie yet: the claim that the “real” 2016 attack on America was by Ukraine to help Hillary Clinton. That “big lie” amounts to more than aiding and abetting an enemy attack on our country; it is an effort to obliterate the truth itself.  


Isn’t that enough?

Isn’t the President’s aiding and abetting a continuing attack on America enough?

Isn’t Trump’s cheating to win in 2020 enough?

Isn’t protecting the actual attacker by blaming another country enough?


Across the 230 years of our Republic, American patriots stood up, first to King George, then to a confederacy based on slavery, then to Hitler, then to Stalin, then to Islamist terrorism.


Are we now going to sit on the sidelines and let the likes of Putin and Trump steal our democracy?


It is time to reject the big lies.


It’s time to stop being “normalized” to a President who covers up foreign attack to help him win.


It’s time to make ourselves heard.


It’s time to defend our Republic.


Cory Gardner knows that Trump welcomes covert Russian help. His own official website refers to “Trump’s willful paralysis in the face of Russian aggression.”


Cory Gardner knows that Trump has already started cheating to win reelection.


And Cory Gardner knows that his Republican base has been horribly deceived by the relentless repetition of big lies.


Yet Cory Gardner is now indulging in plans to ride the coattails of a cheater to his own 2020 victory in Colorado.


To benefit from Trump and Putin’s disinformation campaign.


To trample on the right of Coloradans to select our representatives in a free and fair election.


Senator Gardner: Your country comes first. Don’t try to ride the coattails of a cheater to victory in 2020. Don’t involve yourself in Putin’s campaign—which you have forcefully publicized—to destroy our democracy.


My fellow Coloradans: Raise your voices. Don’t let Gardner vote to keep Trump in office and endanger our democracy.


This battle won’t end with removing Trump, or with the 2020 elections, or in 2021, when we will have to finally stop Putin’s assault on our democracy, start healing our country’s wounds, start repairing our broken political system, start rebuilding our alliances, and finally resume our country’s progress on vital issues like health care, climate change, sensible gun control, rebuilding our infrastructure, ensuring civil rights for all, and making the super-rich pay their fair share in taxes.


I will fight relentlessly in the Senate to make those things happen.


But none of that will occur if we don’t summon our will and raise our voices now. That’s why I am running, and that’s why I need your help in this campaign